Happy April Fool's Day. There's no prank here, just some great rock and metal that has played out over the airwaves, all in the name of playing the fool.

Being the fool can elicit plenty of emotion, whether it be the anger and defiance of The Who's classic "Won't Get Fooled Again" or the broken hearted agony of Steve Perry's "Foolish Heart." But more often than not, feeling a fool is associated with being misled. Trust us, we promise not to pull the rug out from under you with some other kind of list here.

You might think you're too educated to have the wool pulled over your eyes, but as Iron Maiden remind us, there are educated fools. So don't get taken for a fool (thanks, Strokes), you know you want to check this out. Just scroll through and hit play on the 30 Best Rock + Metal "Fool" Songs below.

  • "1000 More Fools" (1988)

    Bad Religion
  • "Fool on the Hill" (1967)

  • "No Sympathy for Fools" (2002)

  • "Nobody's Fool" (1986)

  • "Fool Like Me" (2011)

    Cobra Starship
  • "Fools" (1971)

    Deep Purple
  • "You Fool No One" (1974)

    Deep Purple
  • "Foolin'" (1983)

    Def Leppard
  • "All the Fools Sailed Away" (1987)

  • "What a Fool Believes" (1979)

    Doobie Brothers
  • "Everybody's Fool" (2003)

  • "Fool for the City" (1975)

  • "The Educated Fool" (1998)

    Iron Maiden
  • "Fool in the Rain" (1979)

    Led Zeppelin
  • "Call Me a Fool" (2001)

  • "Foolish Heart" (1984)

    Steve Perry
  • "Ship of Fools" (1988)

    Robert Plant
  • "Fool to Cry" (1976)

    Rolling Stones
  • "Ship of Fools" (1993)

  • "What a Fool Believes" (2000)

  • "What Kind of Fool Am I?" (1982)

    Rick Springfield
  • "Fool's Gold" (1989)

    Stone Roses
  • "Taken for a Fool" (2011)

    The Strokes
  • "Fooling Yourself" (1977)

  • "Mama's Fool" (1994)

  • "Fool's Gold" (1976)

    Thin Lizzy
  • "Fools" (1980)

    Van Halen
  • "Fool for Your Loving" (1980)

  • "Won't Get Fooled Again" (1970)

    The Who
  • "A Fool for Your Stockings" (1979)

    ZZ Top

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