Billie Eilish is a divisive figure amongst rock and metal fans — is she cred or just a poser like the Kardashians? The singer's death metal logo beanie received a split reaction and her latest shirt — a textile triptych of Type O Negative, Rob Zombie and Cradle of Filth wares — is bound to get the same response.

While rock and metal continues to be shunned as a pariah of the mainstream, some of its biggest young stars, such as Eilish and Post Malone, are doing their part to give heavy music its due, recognizing rock and metal artists as part of their musical influence. The rebellious and taunting approach taken by Eilish is indicative of her rock 'n' spirit and Type O Negative applauded her talent in response to seeing that aforementioned shirt.

"Billie Eilish is certainly a unique and bad ass superstar who absolutely walks her own path," the band said in a Facebook post, which also shows Eilish's shirt. "How awesome is it to see the Type O support!!"

Addressing some negative comments, Type O's Kenny Hickey further stated, "First off-her and her brother are extremely talented musicians. Second-she has a song called 'Idontwannabeyouanymore.' I’m pretty damn sure she knows Type O."

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