The Black Flag legal matters have come to an end. Last year, Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn sued his former bandmates after they branched off to perform the band's music under the moniker Flag. But Ginn has reportedly come to a legal settlement with his former bandmates that will now allow both acts to continue.

As attorney Evan Cohen told Billboard, "Flag gets to be Flag and Black Flag as it is presently known continues to be Black Flag." Flag consists of onetime Black Flag members Keith Morris, Dez Cadena, Chuck Dukowski and Bill Stevenson.

At the time of the suit, Ginn had argued that Flag had violated the group's trademarks. But last October, a judge refused an injunction because of the possibility that the marks had fallen into generic use. The case never reached trial after the two sides reached an unspecified settlement.

Ginn's version of Black Flag has been through a year of turmoil. After reuniting with and recording an album with onetime Black Flag vocalist Ron Reyes, Ginn saw his incarnation of Black Flag take a hit when Reyes walked offstage mid-show during a performance in Australia. Reyes would soon announce his exit from the band. In the time since, the group has named Revolution Mother frontman Mike Vallely as their new vocalist. Vallely had previously been managing the band before assuming the position.