It's finally here! Oh, glorious day, you've bestowed upon us the newest Black Sabbath song, 'God Is Dead?' and we give thanks while raising our horns to the sky.

As Black Sabbath's first offering from their upcoming album, '13,' 'God is Dead?' will only serve to amplify the already massive buzz surrounding the release of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler's first new album together since 'Never Say Die!' in 1978.

Inspired by the immortal words of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, 'God is Dead?' challenges Nietzsche's classic quote with the addition of a question mark. While vocalist Ozzy Osbourne ponders the question of all questions through his unsettling yet crystal-clear vocals, guitarist Tony Iommi maintains his rightful place as heavy metal's master of the riff, delivering tremendous clean ambiance, gigantic distorted licks and hefty solos throughout the nine-minute piece.

Geezer Butler's bass tone is perfect in 'God is Dead?' possessing a slaughterhouse's worth of beef throughout the new Sabbath song. The rhythm section is completed by yet another brilliant performance by Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk, who accents the Black Sabbath members with surgical precision throughout 'God is Dead?' while adding some crushing fills to boot.

'God is Dead?' is everything Black Sabbath fans want from the metal innovators, and if the rest of '13' maintains the quality of Sabbath's latest single, we could be looking at a contender for best metal album of 2013. Pre-order the '13' album here or the deluxe edition with three bonus cuts here, and you'll get 'God Is Dead?' immediately, but first, stop what you're doing and listen to Black Sabbath's 'God is Dead?' below.

Black Sabbath, 'God is Dead?'

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