Black Sabbath was just "honored" for releasing one of the Top 50 Worst Album Covers according to internet humor website The FW. Sabbath's sixth studio album, 'Sabotage' came in at No. 28 on the list, which features some of the most ridiculous and hilarious cover art in music history.

In The FW's description of the 'Sabotage' cover, Black Sabbath were given a good roasting by the site. "They could very easily be wearing women’s clothing," began The FW. "We know, Ozzy is Ozzy, but he’s wearing a cross between a kimono and a bathrobe with construction boots. While all those bulbous camel toe-inducing crotch shots are going on, they throw in a magical mirror that somehow reflects the side facing away from it."

Heavy metal troglodytes Manowar were also featured on the Worst Album Covers list, clinching the No. 26 spot with the cover of 'Anthology.' "We all loved Conan the Barbarian as much as the next “Governator,” says The FW. "But this look isn’t the loud and bombastic aesthetic that ManOWar’s eardrum-busting music calls for.

They continue, "You might think to yourself, well, the technology in the ’80s wasn’t as advanced as it is now. (They probably didn’t have the budget for special effects or anything too sophisticiated.) Yeah, sure, we get it. Only problem is it was released in 1997."