Blink-182 may be experimenting a little more for their new album and working outside of the box, but that mindset was in place before they started on their upcoming disc. Late last year, the trio teamed up with electronic music maven and producer Steve Aoki to collaborate on a song called "Why Are We So Broken?," and the video for the track just surfaced online.

In the video, the Blink boys and Aoki are rocking out in a roomy wareheouse while the creative narrative centers on a young couple (Friday Night Lights and Chicago Fire actress Dora Madison and The Real Bros of Simi Valley's Christian A. Pierce) having a smashing good time working out a few demons. Watch the Brandon Dermer-directed video above.

For those wondering, this track is not targeted for Blink-182's upcoming album, but rather has turned up on Aoki's Neon Future III. You can investigate further, stream or download the track here.

The band has a history with Aoki, as they were hand selected by the musician to play his living room during a charitable 40th birthday bash back in November of 2017. Aoki also remixed the Blink single "Bored to Death" and has collaborated with drummer Travis Barker and Yelawolf on a remix of the song "Push 'Em."

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