Watch out for the bar! Blue Stahli is making sure you're strapped in before the rollercoaster ride coming with his new song. The musician is teaming up with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere of the high energy new track "Headshot."

Rock fans may remember Blue Stahli's "Not Over 'Til We Say So," a track that featured the guest talents of Sick Puppies' Emma Anzai. The musician is now back with new music.

It's an entirely instrumental piece of music filled with driving guitar, pulse-pushing drums and an overall frenetic feel. It's just the type of song meant for action, making it befitting for inclusion on Blue Stahli's film/TV/video game music series, Antisleep, Vol. 4.

The musician tells us, "I made a demo of this song a while ago as a contest prize for whoever made the most creative gaming montage video to my song 'Suit Up' featuring Southpaw Swagger.  The quick ’n’ dirty demo of the track would be their theme song. I always wanted to turn this into a full track and ramp up the energy even more. This sucker is designed to be your adrenaline charge for gaming or just general high-speed action movie asskicking."

Blue Stahli's latest installment in this series is filled with chaotic energy, thrashing riffs and plenty of swagger, featuring songs like "Headshot," as well as "Sunset Neon," "Secret Agent Business" and "Three Piece Suit."

Speaking of the latest collection of music, Blue Stahli said, "Hot damn! Here’s a complete multi-genre mashup of an album that swings everywhere from heavy cinematic action rock stuff, to summertime nu disco radness, slick jazzy vinyl spy anthems, dark sexy techno, super upbeat dance pop, and dirty blues swagger. The sound of this record is an out of control radio dial flipping through a massive fun action movie."

Look for Blue Stahli's Antisleep, Vol. 4 arriving on Aug. 25 via FiXT. You can pre-order the disc here.

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