Who needs a pair of boots when you can be buried with your guns on, right? West Virginia rockers Bobaflex embody all that is red-blooded and American with their new single 'Bury Me With My Guns On' off the album 'Hell in My Heart.' It's not exactly an NRA anthem as much as it is a metaphor for protecting oneself in this life and beyond, body and soul.

How's that for higher meaning encased in a dirty, semi twangy rock song that boasts a larger-than-death riff and a cherubic chorus in its mid-section? That part is just the build up to another breakdown.

The main lyrical hook is "Bury me with my guns on / So that when I am cast out of the sky / I can shoot the devil right between the eyes" and come on, you know you can't mess with the general badass-ness of that sentiment. It's designed for the downtrodden and the middle class to sing along to. This song proves that Bobaflex know how to create memorable hard rock songs that'll have you pumping your fist and pounding your chest.

'Bury Me With My Guns' on is hooky and anthemic, fueled by Southern spirit and pride, none of which could be knocked down while the band's wrestled ownership of its masters from its former label TVT, which went into bankruptcy after the band released 'Tales From Dirt Town.' There's something to be said for fighting the good fight and enjoying small victories. In Bobaflex's case, this song is the victory.

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