While many will be tuning in this evening to see most mainstream awards handed out at the Grammy Awards, there was actually plenty to watch in the pre-telecast, including a raucous performance of "Black Hoodie" from the Grammy-nominated Body Count.

The song was up for Best Metal Performance and Body Count delivered it to the diverse crowd of musicians from genres including gospel, country and jazz. There was some fun in advance as host Paul Shaffer stretched for time as Body Count were making sure all the mics were working properly, but once all was set, Body Count delivered a blistering performance.

The track, which directly addresses police shootings of people of color, struck a definite political tone, one which Ice-T and his crew backed up with ferocity in the performance. In the midst of the track, Ice also raised his hand to declare, "We're doin' this for metal, y'all." As Ice finished up the track mimicking a plea for an officer not to shoot with his hands to the sky, a final sound of a gunshot rang out as the rocker collapsed.

While Body Count didn't win Best Metal Performance (that honor went to Mastodon), Ice-T said in a red carpet interview that the nomination came as a surprise. “We’re nominated for Best Heavy Metal Performance, so at first I’m like, ‘No, that’s a joke. Body Count? Are you serious?’ Then they said they want you to perform, so we’re going to perform at the pre. I’m like, ‘You gotta be kidding me. The Grammys?’ So we’re just overwhelmed and excited."

"To be picked and nominated is still a great achievement for my band. We’ve been around for over 20 years so we’re happy to be here." Check out the Grammy red carpet interview below.

Ice-T & Coco Austin Grammy Red Carpet Interview

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