Body Count's forthcoming album, Bloodlust, is one of the most anticipated albums of the year and we're just one week away from the release! Now, a third song has been released with a music video for "Black Hoodie" to check out.

Sirens blaring, the video opens up with a man in a leather jacket and black hood running, shot down from behind. After the startling scene settles in, Ice-T unleashes his rage, shouting, "All these people out here trippin' off police brutality like this s--t is something new, give me a f--king break; I've been talking about this s--t for 20 years and now you can kill a motherf--ker just because of how he's dressed? Are you f--king serious?"

Lyrically, the song is centered around the controversial shooting of Trayvon Martin. One of the focal elements in the case when prosecuting George Zimmerman for fatally shooting an unarmed 17-year-old was the way Martin was dressed. The description of Martin was frequently mentioned as the youth wearing a dark-colored hoodie. In solidarity with the victim, thousands across the world protested the violence, wearing dark hoodies with the hoods up.

Musically, the song is another slugfest, with a bouncing groove, blurring the lines between metal and hardcore. Fans should start to get a fair idea as to what the album will sound like with "No Lives Matter" and "The Ski Mask Way" already out.

Bloodlust will be released on March 31 through Century Media and is the first new album from Body Count since 2014's well-received Manslaughter. Pre-orders can be placed through Amazon or digitally through iTunes.

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