You know Ice-T’s gotta get paid… and in the newest Body Count song, he’s doing it “The Ski Mask Way.”

Body Count’s Bloodlust is an absolute beast of an album. Set to hit shelves March 31 via Century Media, we’ve already heard the lead single, “No Lives Matter,” and now the rap-metal / hardcore band have brought us into their world once again with “The Ski Mask Way.”

No problem pushing holes through your f—ing body,” Ice-T shouts as he narrates heist after heist. If there’s one lesson to be learned from “The Ski Mask Way,” it’s don’t flaunt your wealth in person, on Instagram… nowhere. You can choose to ignore Body Count’s message, but you may receive an unannounced visit.

“I was noticing people on the streets showing off their expensive jewelry and money on social media,” Ice-T tells Revolver. “They are just making themselves a target for the robbers out there just watching their Instagram to see what they are flaunting. In L.A., they call Instagram ‘Jacker’s Uber,’ seeing what clubs people are at and livestream the robbers to their front door.”

Ice-T tweeted this out with the announcement of “The Ski Mask Way”:

Check out Body Count’s hard-hitting new track above and be sure to pre-order your copy of Bloodlust!

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