is launching its new Score Planner feature with some help from a very special rock ‘n’ roll guest in one of their new commercials. Poison frontman Bret Michaels stars in the new television ad, crooning one of his band’s biggest hits.

The commercial, which will air starting today (Dec. 26), shows a couple learning about the new online tools and trying out the new sliders and finding out how each will impact their credit history when they happen upon one aptly titled, ‘Bret Michaels.’

When the wife asks, “What’s this one do?” her husband gives it a try and Michaels appears in their living room with an acoustic guitar belting out a private performance of ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’ for the pair.

The commercial ends comically with the fair warning ‘Bret Michaels slider still in beta,’ so unfortunately the private concert isn’t available for everyone just yet.

Michaels took to his website to comment on his involvement with the project, saying, “This would be a great time to remind everyone to have your credit report checked. With the holiday shopping excitement in the air, sometimes things could show up on your credit report that you didn’t know were there. FreeCreditScore will keep you safe with accurate credit reporting data for you…personally."

Michaels, who won ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ back in 2010, knows a little something about fiscal responsibility. The rocker has gone on to start several new companies including a line of pet products in addition to his continued success with Poison.

Watch Bret Michaels in the Commercial