It's not unusual for rockers to show an affinity for furry little animals. We've seen Rob Zombie narrating a PSA for a puppy rescue missionMachine Head's Robb Flynn taking part in an animal rescue benefit and Slayer stopping to rescue a freezing little kitten; not to mention Billy Corgan appearing with his cats on the cover of the magazine PAWS Chicago. But Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner has made a significant sacrifice all in the name of helping animals.

Earlier this year, Wagner donated his entire Illinois farm to a pair of organizations that deal with animal rescues. At the time, he stated the following on his Facebook page:

Today I made the biggest donation of my life. I signed off and gave away my entire farm to the animal rescue/rehab group I've been working with since I purchased the property last summer.
I'm too busy to manage and enjoy the place, but it does my heart & soul good knowing I have now given a refuge and paradise for many animals who will be given help and love and new homes for many years to come.
My generosity and goodwill for the benefit of animals will never stop. Giving my farm away for free was a super-huge sacrifice, but it was an awesome one, and it won't be the last time I do it.
In this life, money doesn't mean s--t if you don't do good with it. So I do as much good as I can before I leave this rock. Cheers!

Not long after, Wagner shared a story online about how the woman who managed his onetime farm was able to connect an abandoned dog with a senior who was having trouble attempting to adopt a dog due to finances. Check out the post here.

Wagner tells the Examiner in a new interview, "I first bought the farm property last summer (2014) and paid for the whole place in full out of my pocket. I didn't even tell my family until I was done, and they thought I was nuts! Anyway, I bought it to live there, rehab the entire thing, and then begin animal rescue on a large save any creature from a mouse to a horse and give them rehab and new homes, or keep them on the farm to live out their lives happily and with love." He adds that initially he envisioned that he would also use part of the property for his other outdoor passions, but over time it became harder to manage the farm from afar and he decided to donate the whole property to aiding animals.

"Donating the farm did my heart and soul a great deal of good, as did the stipulation of my gift: the farm's mission is to always aid animals in need and offer their sanctuary and this mission is to never be violated," says the guitarist.

He reveals that in the time since donating the property, they've been able to save more than 40 dogs, dozens of cats, rats, raccoons and a rooster. In addition, more renovations have allowed for horses, cows and other livestock to reside there as well.

For those interested in helping out, Wagner suggests readers check out Recycled Pits in Illinois and the cat rescue organization Metal Meowlisha.

Wagner has heard from fellow metal musicians who support his actions, the most recent being Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz, who stated, "Thank you, Jeremy Wagner, for your generosity and kindness! What a dream come true! Despite what some people think, there are so many caring and compassionate people in the metal kingdom (and queendom) that it's no wonder we are all loud and proud to be metalheads. Your contribution will save countless lives! Congratulations and, sincerely, thank you for giving a fuck about the world!"

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