In Loudwire's exclusive interview with Bruce Dickinson, the Iron Maiden legend reflects on some of his favorite storytellers in rock and metal.

Dickinson, of course, is one of metal's best when it comes to conveying an emotional arc to a thrilling tale. Whether it's taking us back to ancient Egypt, adventures on the high seas or bloody engagements on the battlefield, he's undoubtedly one of the best storytellers we have.

Ultimately, we are all a byproduct of our influences, right? That's why we asked Dickinson about his favorite storytellers as he takes us back to the musicians who captured his imagination before he became a successful musician himself.

Bruce Dickinson's Favorite Storytellers in Rock + Metal

The singer first mentions a known favorite of his, Peter Hamill of English prof rockers Van der Graaf Generator. The band lies more on the side of manic depressive than so many of the '70s peers.

Side B of the Pawn Hearts album features one winding track. "If you were in pursuit of a girlfriend, by the time you're about 10 minutes into 'A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers,' she usually jumped out the window," he says of that one particular song.

Ian Anderson of folk/prog masters Jethro Tull is another one.

"He had kind of a folky tradition thing going on in the background. Folk songs tell stories, Folk songs are the original rock 'n' roll storytellers. Before there was prog rock, there was folk music," Dickinson states.

In the video below, he explains the connection between Alice Cooper and Arthur Brown, one of the original shock rockers.

And have you ever heard of Screamin' Lord Sutch? Find out how this '60s showman even influenced "Rain on the Graves," the second single off The Mandrake Project.

Bruce Dickinson's Favorite Storytellers in Rock + Metal

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Bruce Dickinson's The Mandrake Project

The Mandrake Project album will be released on March 1. The first edition of the 12-part companion comic series is out now through Z2 Comics.

Dickinson will support the album on tour around the world, with the first date set for April 18 in Mexico.

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