If you think Black Sabbath's influence stops at heavy rock and metal acts, think again. BSCBR are set to reveal their new single Master of Rehearsal, with the first part, a cover of "Sweet Leaf," making the rounds today.

BSCBR stands for Black Sabbath Cover Band Rehearsals and the lineup of musicians doesn't exactly scream metal. In fact, a majority of the group's members have found success in the indie rock world. It started with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Nick Zinner, Liturgy drummer Greg Fox and former Dirty Projectors member Angel Deradoorian bonding over Sabbath songs while meeting at a music residency in Berlin. Upon returning to New York, Zinner pulled in Interpol's Brad Truax on guitar and Ocrilim's Mick Barr on bass to complete the lineup. BSCBR would then go on to play gigs and now have spent time in the studio.

Their version of "Sweet Leaf" (heard below) starts with a recorded conversation about martial arts expert and Invasion USA star Chuck Norris, spliced up to provide the beat for a starting point to the song. From there, the guitars eventually kick in starting to mirror the Sabbath sound we've come to love. Deradoorian handles the vocals on the track.

The song is currently available on Bandcamp ahead of the Master of Rehearsal single which is set to drop on Sept. 4 via Famous Class Records. In addition to "Sweet Leaf," the forthcoming single is expected to include their take on "Fairies Wear Boots" as well. It'll be available in black, purple and starburst vinyl.

“It was surprising for everyone, but they just kept on playing, and the people kept on showing up,” reads a statement on the band’s Bandcamp page. “It’s been one of their favorite bands to play in ever. The love of Sabbath has brought so much joy to this group and there’s no greater feeling than spreading that joy to fellow fans."

"Sweet Leaf" was the opening track on Black Sabbath's 1971 Master of Reality album.

BSCBR, "Sweet Leaf"

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