Orange County's Burn Halo know how to make clear-cut, mainstream rock tracks with a bite. Fronted by former Eighteen Visions singer James Hart, the group’s latest album, ‘Up from the Ashes,’ is strong and show the chaps have a place alongside hard rock heavyweights such as Drowning Pool and Papa Roach.

Even though ‘Up from the Ashes’ dropped just this year, Burn Halo are already prepping for their next album. While they don’t have any special guests on the forthcoming album yet, guitarist Joey Cunha (also known as Joey Roxx) told the Sacramento Press he would "love to work with Jacoby from Papa Roach or Eddie Van Halen.”

As the band keeps writing tracks and playing club shows, Cunha says they dig using Facebook to stay connected with fans, near and far. “As I kid, I've always wished I could've had the opportunity to meet my favorite ‘rock stars,’” he said. “Now with all the new social networking, it enables me to keep in close contact with fans and be more available to them. I've always loved meeting fans and that's kind of a lost art in the industry. They enable us to do what we do, because of things like downloading music off the internet. I feel like these days, you should offer fans a little something extra that a computer screen can't provide.”

Loudwire recently chatted with Hart about the band’s single, ‘Dakota,’ and Hart says it was one of the first songs written on 'Ashes.'