Bush are back on the road supporting their new album, 'The Sea of Memories,' and the trek is touching down in smaller venues, a marked contrast to the big arenas they've played in the past. Some bands might be disappointed by the downgrade, but Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale thinks it gives fans a better experience -- and the chance for the band to prove that it deserves an upgrade.

"It's always better for a fan," Gavin tells WGRD 97.9 in Grand Rapids, Mich. "I prefer to go see a gig by a band I like in [a smaller venue] versus the Staples Center [in Los Angeles]. Those arenas can be cavernous and impersonal. It's very hard to put on a great show and an intimate show."

He also sees the small gigs as an opportunity to grow. "I also would like to stress that coming back with Bush, I'm not expecting right away to play huge venues where we are like gorillas pounding our chests in the jungle, like, 'We're back, were great and you gotta come see or else you suck.'"

"We have to work our way in. I'm prepared to play small venues and do an amazing show that everyone can hear and say, 'that was unreal.' I want to play the kind of shows where people lie and say they were at when they talk about in two or three years time."

Meanwhile, Rossdale says his recent performance as a "shady arms dealer" on a recent episode of 'Burn Notice' doesn't signal a transition into an acting career. In fact, he only took the gig because it was just for a few episodes. "I only care about doing Bush ... so I can't take anything that will interfere with it." That said, Bush are only a priority for so long.

"Up until [Martin] Scorsese rings me, then I'm outta here," he jokes. "You'll never see me again."

Until that call comes in, expect Rossdale and Bush to say on the road for the foreseeable future. They're on tour in North America with Filter and Chevelle through an Oct. 28 gig in San Antonio, Texas -- check out their complete itinerary here.

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