Gavin Rossdale's decision to reclaim the Bush name has been a successful one, as 'The Sea of Memories' album has been one of his best efforts in years and the interest in his touring has picked up as a result. Having revived the Bush name, Rossdale and his band hit the historic Stubb's stage in Austin, Texas back in 2011 and the show was filmed for a new concert DVD/Blu-Ray release.

'Bush Live at Stubb's' will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on April 15 and features the band mixing in tracks from their 'The Sea of Memories' album with more of their well-known back catalog. Rossdale, speaking in a video interview shot at the time of the concert, says, "The main thing that I really want to see is that we've been lucky enough to have a really good back catalog that people know and can relate to, but what would be awesome is if this record can stand up on its own and if someone comes along and has never heard of Bush before and hears this record and says, 'This band doesn't suck. Maybe they're artists. Maybe we should check them out. This is the record and it feels complete from there.' That, to me, is success."

The 12-song set was professionally shot by Blastro Networks and features such fan favorites as 'Machinehead,' 'Everything Zen,' 'The Sound of Winter,' 'The Chemicals Between Us' and the concert's encores -- 'Glycerine' and 'Comedown.' The collection comes in three different digital formats and will be available for download on April 15. In addition, fans will have the option to purchase individual tracks from the show.

Pre-orders for 'Bush Live at Stubb's' are currently being taken here. A European release for the DVD/Blu-Ray will follow this fall.

Watch the 'Bush Live at Stubb's' Trailer

'Bush Live at Stubb's' DVD/Blu-Ray Track Listing:

1. 'Machinehead'
2. 'All My Life'
3. 'Little Things'
4. 'Prizefighter'
5. 'Greedy Fly'
6. 'Everything Zen'
7. 'The Sound of Winter'
8. 'The Chemicals Between Us'
9. 'The Afterlife'
10. 'Land of the Living'
11. 'Glycerine'
12. 'Comedown'