Thrashers' dreams just became a reality! The fifth annual Calgary Metalfest will be bringing Canadian thrash legends Annihilator, Exciter, Razor and Sacrifice to the metal masses for the first time ever sharing a bill in their home country. The festival will take place from Sept. 15 - 17 with the Exalted Piledriver and Toxic Holocaust serving as headliners on the first two nights.

One of Canada's leading indoor metal festivals, Calgary Metalfest will be held in Alberta at three separate venues. With Annihilator set to headline the closing night of the fest at Flames Central, they'll be backed by the original lineup of raging speedsters Exciter as well as Sacrifice and Razor, all pivotal bands in the early Canadian metal scene. It will also be Annihilator's first performance in Calgary since 1993, giving fans all the more reason to celebrate this historic night.

The two preceding nights, as mentioned, will feature the Exalted Piledriver (Thursday, Sept. 15) and Toxic Holocaust (Friday, Sept. 16) as headliners. Rounding out the Thursday lineup at Distortion will be Crystal Mess, Savage Streets, Profits of Crime and Accostal. The Friday event will be held at Dickens Pub and is set to feature Disciples of Power, the Order of Chaos, Fornication, Black Pestilence and Concrete Funeral.

Tickets are on sale here for each night of the fest and more information can be found at the Calgary Metalfest website.

Posters for Each Night of Calgary Metalfest V

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