While the men of Sevendust take an indefinite break, drummer Morgan Rose and guitarist Clint Lowery are keeping busy with their latest heavy music project, Call Me No One. The group just released their debut single, ‘Biggest Fan,’ and they’re set to release their first album, ‘Last Parade,’ on June 5. Check out the just-released track listing for ‘Last Parade’ at the bottom of the story.

Speaking exclusively with Loudwire, Lowery recently explained that Call Me No One doesn't sound like Sevendust. “It’s a lot different from Sevendust, it’s hard but it’s not the same type of heavy that Sevendust is,” Lowery said. “We’re still developing it, we’re really excited about it.”

He added, “[The album is] gonna be on the same label that releases Sevendust, the 7 Bros. record company, with Asylum as a distributor. It’s really cool; we’ve wanted this opportunity to do something different, it’s exciting to finally have the opportunity to do this.”

‘Last Parade’ Track Listing:

01. ‘The World Is Dead’
02. ‘Thunderbird’
03. ‘Soapbox’
04. ‘Hillbilly’
05. ‘Alls Well’
06. ‘Biggest Fan’
07. ‘Please To Meet You’
08. ‘Broken Record’
09. ‘War Song’
10. ‘Last Parade’

The release will also offer two bonus tracks.