Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery and drummer Morgan Rose have teamed up to form a new project dubbed Call Me No One. The outfit's debut album, ‘Last Parade,’ has just been released.

The intro to the disc starts off with a tender acoustic guitar melody and Clint Lowery’s voice softly singing, “The whole world is dead / The world is dead.” This brooding opening to the album is beautifully haunting.

The next track ‘The World is Dead’ explodes right out of the gate with crushing drums, crashing cymbals and blistering guitar riffs. This time Lowery bellows the chorus “The whole world is dead / The world is dead.’ This song sets up the tone of the entire record as a whole.

Tracks such as ‘Thunderbird’ and ‘Soapbox’ have clean, groovy verses with raspy gritty choruses. ‘Soapbox’ in particular has a lullaby-like, dreamy melody, but doesn’t shy away from dishing out those heavy riffs.

The Georgia boys get down and dirty with the very refreshing track ‘Hillbilly’ which includes some serious banjo action. The up temposong is completely with some ZZ Top style riffs but also has an out of control punk-rock feel to it as Lowery screams ‘Hillbilly, Hillbilly!’ with certain venom -- there won’t be any square dancing to this tune.

‘All’s Well’ is another anthem to show off Lowery’s vocal layers with verses filled with melodic and rhythmic strength. Not to mention a commanding chorus, “I say All’s Well / Goodbye to Hell / Don’t think I’ll come back / You don’t know me at all.”

Tunes such as the band’s lead single ‘Biggest Fan’ and the mid-tempo track ‘Please to Meet You’ are filled with infectious harmonies and riffs, deep bass lines and frenzied drum patterns. Meanwhile, songs such as ‘Broken Record’ and ‘Surprise Me’ provide a certain trance-like escape with the various levels of Lowery’s clean vocals along with alluring piano melodies.

‘War Song' takes it to a whole new layer of intensity with trippy and fast paced riffs. Morgan Rose, who is one of the most underrated yet talented drummers in hard rock and metal, pelts away at the skins swiftly with serious vigor and precision during this track, as well as all throughout the record.

The album ends with the title track ‘Last Parade’ as Lowery goes from crooning to belting out “You’re way too late for my devastation / You are to blame for my desperation.” This multi-layered song is filled with lingering riffs and poignant melodies. Lowery sings the last words on the disc “You’re all right here for my last parade.”

Clint Lowery and Morgan Rose have created a piece of work that is far different from Sevendust but  is powerful all on its own. Their hard work, frustration and passion can all be heard throughout the album.

4 Stars

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