These are busy times for Sevendust's Clint Lowery. Not only is his band working on their next studio album, but he's also got a solo album of his own to promote. Lowery has announced that his solo debut, God Bless the Renegades, will arrive on Jan. 31 through Rise Records.

Kicking things off for Lowery is a new video for the single "Kings." The video, from Max Moore Films, finds Lowery and his bandmates in a sterile performance environment, with the leader taking a few moments to step into a virtual reality experience.

As for the song, it moves along at a heavy and steady pace, filled with passion and power. "'Kings' is the song that expresses redemption after a very dark chapter of my life," Lowery shares. "Through the chaos of addiction, navigating toxic relationships and depression, I came out of it all empowered and more driven than ever."

Lowery recorded the album with producer/co-writer Michael "Elvis" Baskette at Studio Barbarosa in Florida. For those interested in reserving your album, be sure to head here for pre-order info. Check out the album artwork and track listing below.

As for Sevendust, the band revealed just last month that they had entered the studio to start work on their thirteenth album. Drummer Morgan Rose appeared to already have recorded all his parts for the set, and while no release date has been announced, it does appear they are on track for a 2020 release. Baskette is also working with Sevendust on the forthcoming release.

Clint Lowery, "Kings"

Clint Lowery, God Bless the Renegades Artwork + Track Listing

Rise Records
Rise Records

"God Bless the Renegades"
"What’s the Matter"
"You Go First"
"Allowed to Run"
"Silver Lining"
"She's Free"
"Do We Fear God"

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