Candlelight Red are getting ready to unleash their second full-length album, 'Reclamation,' and Loudwire is bringing you the exclusive premiere of the lyric video for the disc's first single, 'Feel the Same.'

Frontman Ryan Hoke shows off his rock pipes on the track, which shares a meaningful message of love and connection to someone who was there in a time when it was needed most. The singer belts, "You saved me / When I was not worth saving / And I feel you / Coursing through my veins / And I know you feel the same / Now I feel you / Crawl inside my brain / You're driving me insane / I know you feel the same." Meanwhile, guitarist Jeremy Edge, bassist Jamie Morral and drummer Brian Dugan provide the musical backing needed to sell the powerful message and give it the drive to make it a memorable rock track.

Hoke spoke with us exclusively about the song, telling us the following:

We were in the studio with only two weeks to write and record the nine new tracks that make up the album. We are on tour a lot, so we didn't have any time for pre-production. Musically, we laid everything on the table. Jeremy had a riff he was working on, but it was just recorded to his phone so none of us really had an idea of what it would sound like with the rest of the parts filled in and the band behind it. I was in a separate room working on lyrics and melody to one of the other songs while the band hashed out what would soon be the music to 'Feel The Same.' When I first heard the music I remember thinking, 'Damn this is a lot different than the stuff we've been doing.' We aren't death metal or anything, but we aren't the softest band either. So I went to a room by myself to try and figure out what the hell I'm going to do with this 'pretty' song and the more I listened to it the more my mind kept wandering to memories of my teenage years and all the stupid s--- I did ... and then it was pretty clear to me what this song needed to be about. I grew up getting in trouble a lot and no matter what happened in my life it seemed there were only a few people that stood by me. I had a lot of strong females in my life that straightened me out. My mother, my sister and later my wife hammered out the rest of the dents. So the song is a 'Thank You' to the people that 'saved me.'

'Feel the Same' is the first taste of music from the band's 'Reclamation' album and follows in the footsteps of their very successful 'Demons' EP that saw them teaming up with Sevendust drummer turned EP producer Morgan Rose. Shortly after that session, they teamed up again in New Jersey to write and record the new album, carrying over four songs that were in demo form from the 'Demons' EP in the process.

The disc is due June 4 via Imagen Records and is currently available for pre-order in a variety of bundle packages here. In addition, fans who like the new 'Feel the Same' single can currently purchase it on iTunes. Look for Candlelight Red this summer, sharing stages with Trapt and Pop Evil on select dates.