Candlelight Red are pretty psyched at the moment and quite honestly, they can't wait to share that feeling. So being the generous souls they are, they decided to offer a preview clip of their new song 'Demons,' which happens to be the title track of their upcoming EP.


In the track, singer Ryan Hoke hits the perfect mark between melodically upbeat and dark and rocking as he belts out about how no matter how much he wants to offer protection, the demons will be coming after you.

While the band have made their name off of the breakout record, 'The Wreckage,' 'Demons' shows them moving on and utilizing that success to do something even greater. The group ducked into the studio with recent tourmate, Morgan Rose of Sevendust, who produced the new 'Demons' EP.

Rose says, "When they approached me with a desire for me to produce them, I jumped at the opportunity. After talking about what our goals were for the recording, we were happy to realize our goals were one in the same. To capture the band's live sound is the objective, and it's gonna happen. I'm beyond excited to get these songs finished and out to their fans."

You can get your free download of the 'Demons' preview clip by clicking here and pre-order the new EP here. Look for Candlelight Red out beginning in August as part of the Rockstar Uproar Tour.