Cattle Decapitation will release another anti-humanitarian death metal splatterwork this fall. In a new teaser posted by Metal Blade, Cattle reveal a Black Friday street date for Death Atlas.

Dialing their human blender to “liquify,” Cattle Decap have created arguably the best brutal death metal of the decade, composing the “Hammer Smashed Face” of the modern era with “Forced Gender Reassignment.”

Album No. 8 will be delivered Nov. 29, the day after America’s traditional gorge on turkey and stuffing. American toilet bowls will look like the Humanure cover, but on Black Friday, Death Atlas will be ripe for the spraying.

"I am completely exhausted, but incredibly proud of the album we put together. I can assure you that no corners were cut, no details were overlooked, and that hard work was poured into every second of the record from start to finish. I can't wait to share it with the world,” says producer Dave Otero.

"It's been a grueling two months but we have something truly special to share with you all,” vocalist Travis Ryan adds.

Cattle Decapitation will headline this year’s Summer Slaughter tour alongside Carnifex and The Faceless. Rivers of Nihil, Nekrogoblikon, Lorna Shore and Brand of Sacrifice will also join.

Check out the teaser for Death Atlas above and get ready for Nov. 29.

Metal Blade
Metal Blade

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