Very few scenarios are more entertaining than Slayer vs. extreme religious groups. As arguably the most successful metal band to directly target religion through lyrics and symbolism, Slayer often become the poster child for representing everything evil in the metal world. This continues to be the case with Slayer's 11th album, Repentless, as a YouTuber called The Vigilant Christian has made an unintentionally hilarious video condemning Slayer.

This Vigilant Christian dude HATES metal. He even tries to tie "Satanic" band Iron Maiden in with the Illuminati by using the group's "Speed of Light" video as proof. As for Slayer, however, The Vigilant Christian took some time and made a 12-minute video on Slayer's Repentless album cover and music video for its title track.

The Vigilant Christian uses his expertise on metal to educate fans on how exploring concepts of darkness for creative means is a brainwashing technique that Slayer use against listeners. "The majority of their fans are brainwashed to think that this is just fun, it's nothing more than art, " says the video blogger. "Making Satanism cool. 'Oh, it's so cool!' They're clueless to the fact that there is a spiritual reality. The fallen angels are in a battle right now against God and are working on this earth to establish an Antichrist kingdom, a New World Order, a Satanic Luciferian Kingdom." This guy goes on to examine Slayer's "Repentless" video, calling it "pure Satanic garbage" and Slayer themselves a "death cult."

Here's the funniest part; while ranting about Biblical script, The Vigilant Christian accidentally uses the cover art for Judas Priest's Ram it Down at 8:09 to represent the wrath of God's hand! Satan is certainly patting himself on the back for that one.

Judas Priest Vigilant Christian

Slayer's Repentless is now available, so to grab yourself a copy, click here.

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