You may remember the name Circus of Power from the early '90s when they were featured as the opening act for Black Sabbath on the Tyr tour. The biker rockers were also tapped to open for Alice in Chains right as the band exploded and while it seemed everything was on the rise for Circus of Power, we sadly haven't heard much from them over the last 25 years, but today the band has partnered with Loudwire to bring you the music video for the t-top cruising "Fast and Easy" off their comeback record, Four.

True to their ethos, Circus of Power open the video with a lone rider patrolling a deserted street on two wheels as sustained chords crash like a concert farewell, teasing the excitement before the KISS-meets-Uriah Heep licks come in along with the pedal-pushing energy. Alex Mitchell's perfectly weathered voice invokes the sense of a man who has seen it all and ready to do it again, which really embodies the spirit of the reactivated group. It's a '70s styled, street-ready jammer and a roaring message that Circus of Power have returned.

"We shot this video in Van Nuys, or Van Nuts as we call it, at the same joint where we recorded our new record- 'Four''s just us bro-in' up and layin' it down...," comments Mitchell.

Four will be released on Dec. 8 through Noize in the Attic records and digital copies can be pre-ordered here and physical copies at this location. There's also a familiar face in the fold behind the kit as the band recruited Brant Bjork of Kyuss, Fu Manchu and Mondo Generator fame, furthering the Circus of Power's riff-heavy credibility.

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