Judging from preliminary indicators, it looks like there's another Melvins-based project on the way that'll likely please anyone who's ever loved the band -- or Sleep or Black Sabbath.

Recently, Melvins updated their Facebook profile picture with a new picture and the caption, "a dark sabbath in 10" form cometh duuuuuude." Now, they've followed up with a posting on eBay that links to "Sabbath," a previously unannounced collab with Sleep vocalist and bassist Al Cisneros, reports Metal Injection.

Cryptically spilling the magic beans (perhaps), the post reads: "Up for auction is a rare Test Pressing for upcoming Amphetamine Reptile's upcoming release of the Melvins Sabbath 10."

The release will be printed on black vinyl and will feature two tracks. The artwork indicates one song will be called "side A" (that's what's printed on one side of the 10") and "Melvins' Sabbath 1/10" (which is handwritten on the B-side).

The post indicates that the release will be housed in a plastic sleeve from Pirate Press and features a sticker with the Amphetamine Reptile catalog number, band name, title, pressing plant, country of manufacture and barcodes.

The sleeve itself features artwork by Amrep founder Tom Hazelmeyer, one of the leading lights of the noise rock revolution in the '90s. The release comes with "two hand-pulled linocut prints torn and mounted by Haze himself," who also provided the scribbles on both sides of the actual album.

The ad adds that "only 10 of these exist & this is #1 in the edition."

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