Comedian Bill Burr has shared his love of heavy music and in particular drumming during recent episodes of his Monday Morning Podcast, but will his fascination with the drums ever result in him taking the stage with a well-known band? According to Ministry's Al Jourgensen, the invite has already been out there though Burr has yet to take advantage.

Jourgensen was a guest on Burr's podcast, with the pair eventually circling around to the host sharing how he envisions playing fantasy drums for Ministry when hearing songs like the latest single "Twilight Zone."

"We’ve offered you to come onstage before and you pussied out,” Jourgensen revealed. The Ministry leader says the invite was there for last year's Blackest of the Black festival with Danzig, but Burr says he was unable to make the performance.

“Now that you said I’m a pussy, I’ll do it," said Burr. "I’m playing a little bit of double bass now. I just don’t want to ruin it. I don’t want to ruin it because people are coming there to see you. You know what it was, because you were doing a festival, so I figured you played a shorter set. Like if you’re going and it’s a full-on show, if you have some jerk-off comic come on for one song, I think the crowd can handle that. But if it’s just like ‘hey we only got time for six songs and on one of ’em the guy from VH1‘s I Love The 80s Strikes Back is gonna play drums -- now I know you guys might get a kick out of that. I’m just worried that your fans, what they’re gonna fucking throw at me while I’m up there.”

That led Jourgensen to his favorite "guest appearance" ever, having Metallica's Kirk Hammett come out to play a cover of Black Sabbath's "Supernaut" while on Lollapalooza. However, Hammett may not remember it as fondly.

"We were playing it and we gave him the second lead in the song. So he started going crazy. I mean his hair was flying, it looked like he had one of those industrial blow dryers on his hair -- there was no blow dryer, just his hair flinging around. So he was into it and all that -- but it just went on for fucking forever. So the rest of the band was just like, ‘Fuck it, we’re out of here’ so we all just walked off. And by the time he realized what was happening, he’s still in the middle of the lead—there’s no band members up there—and we’re all standing there on the side of the stage, like looking at our watches just going ‘Dude, really?’"

He continued, "This is now like going on a 12-minute solo, you fucking… He told me later he didn’t want to leave the stage because he realized he was gonna get shit when he left so he might as well keep going at that point. I think it wound up to be like a 17-minute solo lead."

Jourgensen recalled, "He was scared shitless by the time he got off and then we all acted pissed and then it was like ‘Ahh, that was fun, man.’ But he was kind of scared at first. He’s never come back with us ever since. He doesn’t come back onstage. We don’t get a lot of guest artists anymore."

Burr then inquired if they might do that to him if he guested. "That’d be fucking hilarious though if you leave me up there and I’m going boom, crack, boom crack, see how long I can do that before I get killed,” said the comedian. “What I would do is I would just do a backwards somersault off the stool and crawl my way out underneath the curtain."

Will Burr join Ministry onstage at some point? The band does have a major tour coming up. The trek launches March 22 in Anaheim, Calif. and stays on the West Coast for the early part of the run before eventually finding its way to the East Coast in April. See all of the scheduled dates here and keep an eye out to see if Burr takes them up on the invite. Ministry's new album, AmeriKKKant, is due this Friday (March 9).

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