Many bands do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to progressing a genre forward, and Converge have certainly put in the hours when it comes to hardcore and metalcore.

From their humble days in the New England scene, the group have always taken a unique perspective to the sound, paying off greatly as they've become one of the most respected bands in their world. This is thanks to an unfaltering dedication to serving the art of the music itself, with the minds of vocalist Jacob Bannon and guitarist Kurt Ballou combining and bringing ideas outside of the circle of hard and metalcore into the fold. That, alchemizing with the bass work of Nate Newton and ferocious drums by Ben Koller through much of their career has made them a complete force to be reckoned with.

We looked at all of their albums from the scrappier early days to their more refined current wave of music and ranked them all from weakest to strongest. No matter where it lay, each record is an achievement on its own. See how we ranked Converge's studio albums below.

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