Prepare yourselves, everyone, because extreme hardcore innovators Converge have just released a music video for their first single, 'Aimless Arrow,' from their highly anticipated upcoming album 'All We Love We Leave Behind.'

Actually, scratch that, because referring to 'All We Love We Leave Behind' as "highly anticipated" would be like saying that a meth-head "highly anticipates" their next fix. The dedication that Converge fans have boasts a much stronger term than "highly anticipated." The release of the song 'Aimless Arrow' and its accompanying video can be better described as a blessing.

Before you get too excited, don't expect 'Aimless Arrow' to pummel your face in like Converge have done with tracks like 'The Saddest Day' or 'Eagles Become Vultures.' 'Aimless Arrow' takes a more progressive approach that was heavily showcased within their 2009 full-length masterpiece, 'Axe to Fall.' The guitar work of Kurt Ballou remains as brain-scrambling as ever, but the intensity of 'Aimless Arrow' is mostly found in the track's atmospheric nature, rather than in Converge's spastic technique and deranged vocals.

Hardcore Converge fans will definitely appreciate 'Aimless Arrow,' although it may take a few listens to allow the track to fully envelop its listener.

The band has also unveiled the artwork (see above) and track listing (see below) for 'All We Love We Leave Behind,' which drops Oct. 9 and is available for preorder here.

Watch Converge's 'Aimless Arrow' Video
'All We Love We Leave Behind' Track Listing

01. 'Aimless Arrow'
02. 'Trespasses'
03. 'Tender Abuse'
04. 'Sadness Comes Home'
05. 'Empty on the Inside'
06. 'Sparrow's Fall'
07. 'Glacial Pace'
08. 'No Light Escapes' (bonus)
09. 'Vicious Muse'
10. 'Veins and Vails'
11. 'Coral Blue'
12. 'Shame in the Way'
13. 'On My Shield' (bonus)
14. 'Precipice'
15. 'All We Love We Leave Behind'
16. 'Runaway' (bonus)
17. 'Predatory Glow'

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