It has been nearly a decade since Pepper Keenan appeared on a Corrosion of Conformity studio album, and that streak will come to an end in 2015. It was previously revealed that Keenan would be rejoining CoC, and now drummer Reed Mullin is giving more details about the album and a tour.

In an interview with Indy Week, Mullin says in addition to writing new material with Keenan, they are also digging into the riff archives. "We’ve got some riffs left over from that era that I never used for CoC stuff, and he didn’t use for Down," Mullin says. "They’ve just been sitting around from when we used to do demos at Jag Studios. He was like, 'Man, I found a couple cassettes. Remember those cassettes we used to do with [John] Custer down at Jag?' So yeah, he found a cache of some good riffage in his house down there in New Orleans that I guess he had packed away."

Mullin also talked about an upcoming tour as a four-piece: "I think the first shows that we’re going to do with the four-piece are going to be in March. Before then, I guess we’re going be working on the new album. Woody’s going to have a baby in April, I think, so we’re going to take a little time off in there, and then I guess get back to touring with Pepper. He’s taking time off from Down and, you know, he makes so much damn money doing Down we’ve got to get him while we can get him."

Mullin continues, "He’s really excited about it, and we’re awful excited to do it. It’s been a while. It’s been I think 2000 since I played with him. I mean, we’ve done songs here and there, at festivals overseas and things, as a four-piece, but as a tour, it’s been a long time since this entity, this four-piece has been out on the road. It’s going to be a blast."

As to the setlist for the tour, Mullin says it will focus on older material: "I don’t know how much new stuff we’ll play on the road. Nostalgia-seekers are going to want to hear as much of 'Deliverance' and 'Wiseblood' and 'Volume Dealer' and 'Arms of God' as they can. So we’ll have four albums, pretty much, to go off of. And maybe later in the year, we’ll add a couple new songs. Hopefully by the end of the year, we’ll have an album out."

We'll keep you posted as more details are revealed about Corrosion of Conformity's planned tour and new album.