Hole frontwoman Courtney Love has commented after her name turned up in Jeffrey Epstein's address book, stating that she never knew him and hopes that "he burns in Avici hell."

Epstein made headlines in 2019 after he was arrested and accused of abusing women and sex trafficking of underage girls for decades, supposedly with a network of enablers to help him cover up the crimes. The longtime financier often had lavish parties with high profile celebs in attendance, including President Donald Trump as well as past President Bill Clinton.

After being arrested on July 6, 2019, Epstein died in his prison cell on Aug. 10, 2019, with the death being ruled a suicide. One of his longtime associates, Ghislaine Maxwell, was recently arrested by the FBI as they examine her role in allegedly procuring the young women for Epstein.

After it was revealed that her name was included in Epstein's address book, Courtney Love commented on Twitter, "Hey. About my name in Epstein’s address book, it’s creepy as fuck that I’m in that thing I agree. I didn’t know him, never met him, didn’t know who he was. Apparently he collected celebrity phone numbers. The end. Hope he burns in Avīci hell." She included a Wikipedia link to "Avici," which reveals it to be the "lowest level of Hell" in Buddhism.

The address book in question included a number of high profile celebrities. It initially surfaced when Epstein's former house manager Alberto Rodriguez attempted to sell it in 2009. That led to court proceedings that occurred in 2015. According to The Independent, other celebrity names in the book included Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin, Mick Jagger and Ralph Fiennes among others.

The story of Epstein's arrest and those of some of his victims are told in a new Netflix four part docu-series titled Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.

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