Courtney Love's life will forever be intertwined with late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. However, before she became involved with the 'voice of a generation,' she had dated Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins. In an extended interview clip (video below) from the Cobain documentary Montage of Heck, Love explains why she left Corgan for Cobain all those years ago.

To establish a base, Love was first asked, "When you were younger, what was your idea of Prince Charming?" The singer responded, "Before I was sexually active I was hanging around with rock stars. I had a huge crush on the first one that mentored me, his name is Julian Cope, he's been forgotten by history pretty much — he was part of that Liverpool Echo and the Bunnymen scene, there was a scene, there was a moment there — when I got out of juvenile hall, which was mixed sexes, it was co-ed. I'd been sequestered in all girl boarding schools and the I was in a mixed co-ed juvenile hall. None of the stoner guys appealed to me."

As for Cobain, Love was questioned about her bitterness towards the Nirvana frontman's success as he had become an icon while she was pregnant and on the cusp of her own musical breakthrough.

"I coveted his success that was so fast," she began, continuing, "Not initially, I was really really really really really excited for them. When we were still platonic, I was on the ferry, Billy Corgan would not pay for my flight back from Roskilde, and Nirvana had played with the [Smashing] Pumpkins at that show, so I was on the ferry with the Nirvana guys."

Here, Love revealed her admiration for the Nirvana frontman, stating, "I had a crush on Kurt, he was gorgeous, I mean he was beautiful and enigmatic and evasive. This was after Reading, but I still was dating and sleeping with Billy Corgan, but he kind of lost me at this moment, this wasn’t the moment that he specifically lost me, that would be about 6 to 8 months later, but he kind of lost me at this moment."

Of course, Love went on to be a rock star in her own right and has remained somewhat active in recent years, most recently appearing onstage at a Fleetwood Mac benefit show. The frontwoman delivered a strong performance of "Silver Springs," which can be seen here.

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