It seems Courtney Love has tapped into some hidden talents. In addition to her musical and acting endeavors, Love is also an accomplished artist. On May 3 she will debut her first art exhibit from a series of drawings she calls ‘And She’s Not Even Pretty.’

The title of the exhibit, according to Love, is a reference to the way women put down other women when it comes to men. Displaying over 45 unique works of art, the collection that started as a tribute to a girl crush or two has morphed into one particular thing. “A lot of this collection is about one romance,” Love told the Huffington Post, but even when asked, she wouldn’t disclose just exactly which one.

The collection features an array of mediums from colored pencil to watercolor and a lot of them include excerpts from songs or famous poems. The women in the works of art are depicted as “fraught and doll-like” and aim to elicit a range of emotions from “tormented, lamenting romances shattered and the devastation of rejection” to “sexual desire and the insecurity of new love.”

For Nirvana fans that may be looking for references to Kurt Cobain among the collection, not this time around. “It’s really a Kurt-free zone,” according to Love. "It's embracing this thing in my life that haunted me."

Love said that she was encouraged to be an artist from a young age by her mother and that may be where her current artistic desires are hailing from.

To see some samples of the work in the new collection, check out the slideshow featured on the Huffington Post here.

The exhibit will be open from May 3 through June 15, 2012 at the Fred Torres Collaborations on 527 West 29th Street in New York, N.Y.

Watch a Video of Courtney Love Talking about A Drawing of Sarah Bernhardt