Courtney Love shared the details –and we do mean details, since there are lots of 'em- of her diet with Grubstreet recently, doing a week-long diary of her food intake in NYC. It consists of a lot of sugar.

So much sugar, in fact, it'll have you fearing she might go nuts and then blame it on the sweets! Remember, a culturally controversial, sugar-loaded junk food defense was adopted by Dan White, who shot Harvey Milk, so anything is possible. Besides the sugar, daily cakes (a move she jacked from Paris Hilton, when they were neighbors) and toast soldiers (egg-dipped bread), Love consumes lemon water, considering it the elixir of life and will go hungry if she can't afford to nosh on Dean and Deluca.

The diet diary, which documented April 27 through May 2, reveals that love needs a hot washcloth to the face, a leg rub and a plate of toast soldiers to start each and every day. She has a house manager named Hershey, cribbed from the Mercer Hotel, but ironically, she hates chocolate.

D and D's chicken pot pie and potato salad are also daily requirements. She requires sugar from 4-5AM daily, as well. "I stopped doing dope in the '90s, but I've had to eat sweets at 4 or 5AM ever since," the singer said. Sounds like trading one addiction for another.

She also proclaimed, "I hate chocolate. F--- chocolate. Kurt hated chocolate, too — that was one of the things we had in common. Chocolate makes it all too easy."

Love shares her weight (125 lbs.), her testosterone level (358) and that she doesn’t recommend her eating habits to others. She also balances things out by juicing kale.

Read the rest of Love's curious caloric intake here.