The Darkness recently returned with their new disc ‘Hot Cakes’ on Aug. 21, ending a six year drought of new music from the Brit rockers. In a new interview, guitarist Dan Hawkins talks about playing in a band with his brother Justin and owning a custom Les Paul that was made for the legendary Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame.

Dan Hawkins is definitely the more demure of the two brothers in the band if that's even possible, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Hawkins told Gibson, “I tend to write the music. Justin writes the lyrics. And then – Prince-like – he takes the big solo. That’s always been fine with me. I think Justin’s one of the best guitar soloists in the world, personally… although I may be biased.”

When it comes to his guitars, Hawkins definitely knows his favorites. In fact, his collection now includes a Gibson Custom Shop “Black Beauty” Les Paul that was made special for Jimmy Page. Page returned the instrument citing it was too heavy for him, and now Hawkins provides a loving home for it. “I call that my 'Love is More Than a Feeling' guitar,” explains Hawkins. “It wasn’t on that first album track, but it’s on both other albums since and live for the song. I had the Bigsby taken off, and a hardtail put on. I had a Fishman Powerbridge pickup put on so I could switch to an acoustic sound.”

Their new disc ‘Hot Cakes’ delivers on The Darkness sound that fans have come to know and love, but also features a surprise or two like a cover of Radiohead’s Street Spirit (Fade Out)’. Find out more here.

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