One of the most fascinating things about mash-ups is how universal the music is and how well different genres translate among each other in the strangest ways. The newest metal mashup that's been gathering some buzz finds Danzig's "Mother" paired with "The Catch Up" by Canadian rapper Drake. Yes, you read that correctly, and surprisingly it blends quite well.

Before hitting play on this mashup, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the source material. "Mother" is most likely embedded into your brain, but the Drake hit has probably eluded most of the metal and rock community. "The Catch Up" features a soft, soothing beat laden with wishy-washy synthesizers. Danzig's voice is layered over this and slowed down to fit the tempo of the music.

The song is immediately transformed into a ballad-like tune that probably would have proven to be a hit of different sorts for Danzig even back then. Unexpectedly, this mash-up proves its worth as it remains ethereal, serving as a late-night wind-down type of song instead of the Hell-raising rock hymn that it has been for the last quarter century and more.

The timing here is perfect, as Danzig is poised to release a covers album entitled Skeletons, which will feature renditions of songs from Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, the Everly Brothers, and more. The disc seems quite varied, making the mash-up with Drake seem not so out of left field like it initially does.

Danzig wrapped up a tour with Cancer Bats and Pennywise at the end of July, but he's back on the road through all of October delivering his brand of riff-oriented bluesy rock during the spookiest time of the year. Check out the tour dates here.

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