For all the great uptempo, riff-heavy Danzig songs, there's also plodding, bluesy numbers like "Killer Wolf" and "Until You Call on the Dark." The freshest cut off the forthcoming Black Laden Crown, "Last Ride," falls into the latter category and can be heard above.

"Last Ride" is a classic sounding Danzig track with a permeating dark atmosphere guided by Glenn's soulful croon. The song sustains a mournful tone with a hazy riff that constantly fades away into nothingness, only to come roaring back again like waves upon the shore. Accented by droning pinch harmonics with a call and response between a strong-armed riff and a backing vocal choir over the chorus, it's a promising sign for what's to come on the first Danzig studio album since 2010.

When speaking with Full Metal Jackie, Danzig was asked how much unreleased material he has lying around. The singer responded, "A bunch. Yeah, so there’s probably at least four songs that I haven’t even done anything other than a scratch book on for this record. And they’re good songs, it’s just that the ones I picked I felt were better or the ones that didn’t make it, there may be a couple that I just didn’t have the time to devote to it because it was such a good song. I really want a great vocal for it, a great melody. They’ll have to wait."

Black Laden Crown will be released on May 26 through Evilive Records / Nuclear Blast and pre-orders can be placed here with plenty of colored vinyl options in addition to the standard formats.

Danzig's two-day Blackest of the Black fest will coincide with the record's release, kicking off the same day the album drops, and will feature performances from acts like MinistrySuicidal TendenciesCorrosion of ConformityMarduk, Suicide Silence, Venom Inc., DevliDriverBelphegor and more. For additional details, head to our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Festivals.

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