Back in February of this year, Dave Grohl was one of the performers who turned out for the MusiCares ceremony saluting Lionel Richie. Grohl may have seemed an odd choice to perform a musical tribute (he covered "You Are"), but even more memorable from his performance was a story he told of Lionel Richie's support after he broke his leg, as the music legend sent along the largest muffin basket he'd ever seen. That story continued recently as Grohl and Richie took part in a SiriusXM session and they broached the topic again.

In the video above, Grohl recalls being at home recovering after breaking his leg when his wife came in and told him that he would not believe the package that had just arrived. "I'm telling you it was the biggest muffin basket I had ever seen in my entire life," said Grohl, who added that he wasn't sure who it was from until he later got a text that Lionel Richie was asking if he received it.

"I've had some pretty weird stuff happen to me in my life, that goes down [as one of the weirdest]," stated Grohl, before Richie told his side of the story.

"You have to understand, I was so looking forward to, and forget me playing, but we're on the same bill and I've never seen you play before in person, so this was like my big chance to sit on the side of the stage and watch this," said Richie. "And then someone said you broke your leg, so of course I went back and dialed in and you could see you actually fall off the stage and you broke your leg."

Moved by the gesture, Grohl first appeared at the MusiCares tribute earlier this year and then returned the gracious move by having two stagehands bring out a rather large size container of muffins as Richie protested. "That's half the size of the muffin basket you gave me," exclaimed Grohl. Watch it all play out in the video above.

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