We at Loudwire Nights are celebrating the birthdate of one Dave Grohl with a full week dedicated to celebrating the rocker. Grohl officially turned 55 years old on Sunday (Jan. 14) and this week we're asking you which of his two eras was better - the time he spent behind the drumkit with Nirvana or when he stepped out front as the creative force, singer and guitarist for Foo Fighters?

If you take it from the longevity standpoint, Grohl has continued to evolve and grow his Foo Fighters from what started as a one-man band to a full-fledged Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band that have shown themselves as being able to play just about anything. But on the flip side, it's hard to argue with the impact that Nirvana had, especially after Grohl's addition to the band. It was sadly a relatively short run after Kurt Cobain died by suicide, but their impact is one of the few times in music history where the entire music scene shifted with one band serving as the intro.

We'll be playing songs from both Nirvana and Foo Fighters at 8PM on Monday, with Loudwire Nights host Chuck Armstrong spending time with each band individually on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8PM before the listener-voted winning track is revealed at 8PM during the Friday broadcast of Loudwire Nights.

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And remember, the first rule of Chuck's Fight Club is "You vote!," so make sure to let your voices be heard by voting for your pick below. Voting will close on Friday just before the start of Loudwire Nights' Friday broadcast.

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