To keep those home from work and school entertained on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Monday, Jan. 16), Dave Navarro treated his fans to a 30-minute, no holds barred, Twitter Q&A session.

As expected, there were talks of his famous tattoos, his forthcoming new television show 'Ink Master' (which premieres on Spike on Tuesday, Jan. 17), music and of course, his infamous sex life!

Here are some of the highlights from the Jane's Addiction guitarist's Twitter feed, where seemingly nothing, and we mean nothing, was off topic:

What is your favorite song to play live?

'Three Days'

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on tour?

I don’t have enough characters here

How old where you when your first started playing guitar?


What's your favorite guitar?


Red Hot Chili Peppers or Jane's Addiction?


What is your favorite Jane's Addiction album?

'Ritual De Lo Habitual'

What is the most exciting thing about getting ready for the new tour?

Playing new songs!

Who's your favorite band?

Pink Floyd

What's your favorite Floyd album?

'Animals' or 'The Wall'

What was the last concert you attended as a fan?

Roger Waters

Who is your favorite bassist?

(Chris) Chaney!

What do think of John Frusciante?

One of my favorites

How about doing a collaboration with Die Antwoord?

In a heart beat

Did you listen to Rush?


Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth?


Who is your favorite musician of all time?

Trent (Reznor we presume?)

Dave Mustaine or James Hetfield?


Who is your favorite guitarist?

David Gilmour

Old Guns N' Roses or new Guns N' Roses?


Who are your favorite tattoo artists?

Right now, Freddy Negrete, Oliver Peck, Mark Mahoney

What's your favorite tattoo that you have?

Newest is a dragon on my thigh

What made you finally decide to cover up your CE tattoo?

It was just a sh--ty tattoo

How old where you when you got your first tattoo?


How do I go about applying for 'Ink Masters'?

I'll let ya know if there is a season 2

How do I go about getting a tattoo from you?

I am not a tattooer

How good is the writing in 'Ink Master'?

It looks great. As though T.S. Eliot was reborn

How good was Carmen Electra in tha sack!?

Not too shabby!

Sex or Rock?


Who's bigger ... you or Tommy Lee?

Tommy has the size, I win in terms of usage frequency

What's the biggest orgy you've had?

Me + 9

What is your favorite part of a woman's body?

Lower back

Blonds, brunettes or red heads?

all of the above

What is your favorite city?


Do you have or would you consider writing an autobiography?

Have one called 'Don't Try This at Home'

What's the longest you've gone without sleep?

11 days!

Do you think they will find evidence of life on Mars?

I hope so! They have spent enough money already

If you had a time machine, where would you go?

To the day they disclose alien life

What is your favorite planet?

The moons of Jupiter actually


Click here to see Dave Navarro's Twitter Q&A in its entirety. What question would you want to ask Dave Navarro?