Ryan Clark is long known for his work fronting Seattle-based Christian metal band Demon Hunter, but he’s also a professional graphic designer. As it turns out, Clark has worked in the visual arts for as long as he’s been screaming and singing with the Hunter. That eye for graphic design came in handy when envisioning the artwork for Demon Hunter’s upcoming full-length, ‘True Defiance,’ out April 10.

“Well, I'm as much a visual artist as I am a musician,” Clark told Skulls N Bones when asked about Demon Hunter’s always-killer album art. “I've been a professional graphic designer for over 11 years, and I've been heavily involved in some form of visual arts as far back as I can remember. From day one, the aesthetic element of the band has been an absolute priority -- it's a priority in anything I do, but the band is a great platform for it."

Clark continued, “I think image is an important counterpart to any piece of music, whether that's through a music video, album package, photo shoot, stage performance, etc. It helps to expand the story. I will never understand musicians that care about the music alone and neglect every other opportunity to be artistic.”

Demon Hunter are getting fans pumped for ‘True Defiance’ by releasing various video updates from the studio. The latest clip features the band working on guitars and vocals for the upcoming album. Check out Demon Hunter's fourth video update from the studio below!

Watch Demon Hunter’s Studio Blog No. 4