Demon Hunter have unleashed a preview of a new song titled ‘Someone to Hate’ off of their upcoming album ‘True Defiance,’ which is due out April 10.

‘Someone to Hate’ offers some heavy, rattling guitar riffs, galloping drum patterns and thunderous bass lines. The song starts off with frontman Ryan Clarke spewing out the lyrics “A figure for the closing of time / The antagonist divine / Void of vacant word / One final answer to be heard / I will carry my decree into a storm of lead / This is total war / My want for tolerance is dead.”

Clarke shows off his vocal layers as he melodically sings the chorus: “Heart is cold / And my weapons are washed in blood / I avow to the call on high / My resolve in the blessed above / In this ever consuming divide.”

The track plays with tempo as it is pulsates quickly and then halfway through slows down as Clarke softly sings “Born into the lust within our eyes / Taught to write the scriptures for our lives.” Then he belts out, “We inherit the lies,” which leads into a shredding guitar solo.

In a statement, Clarke remarks, "'Someone To Hate' feels like a perfect first-glimpse at the new record." He goes on to say, "At one point we were even debating on it being the album opener. It's definitely a thrash song, but with a Demon Hunter twist. I think fans will dig it because it has a lot of classic DH elements, but it really pushes each of those elements to the max. It's fast, it's mean, it's unapologetic ... but of course, it has moments of melody as well."

'Someone to Hate' is a song that definitely should get Demon Hunter fans excited for the album ‘True Defiance.' Its a hard-hitting track that showcases the band in all its glory.

Watch the Lyric Video for Demon Hunter, 'Someone to Hate'