Deuce first broke out of the Los Angeles music scene as the lead singer, songwriter and producer of Hollywood Undead. Now, the rhyme-slinger has his own hit album in ‘Nine Lives,’ which boasts the rousing anthem ‘America,’ among other rap-rock tunes.

Fans can catch Deuce this summer on the 2012 Uproar Festival, a trek that features a jam-packed bill featuring major players such as Shinedown, Staind, P.O.D., Godsmack and Adelitas Way, to name a few. Loudwire caught up with Deuce backstage at the Detroit stop of Uproar to talk about his kinship with Adelitas Way’s Rick DeJesus and what’s on tap for Deuce after Uproar.

You’re out on the 2012 Uproar Festival this year with a slew of rock bands. Who are you most excited to tour with on Uproar?

I like Adelitas Way. They’re always sick, and I’ve been checking out a lot of their music, and I like it. Also, Shinedown and Candlelight Red. Almost every band that’s been on here has been sick. I would say Adelitas Way is the biggest one, though. They have certain songs where I’m just like, “That’s sick!” And I get along with Rick [DeJesus, lead singer] really well for the whole tour. I would say Shinedown, too. They have that godly, religious thing going on, which I like.

Does that mean we can foresee a Deuce/Adelitas Way tour in the future?

I can see that! Yeah , I can totally see that connection happening.

Now, I read that you’re running for president. True?

Yeah, I have more votes that Romney and Obama! Vote for Big Deuce! [Laughs]

What should fans expect from you following Uproar?

We have more tours lined up. Plus, I’ll be writing. I’m always in the studio writing, so I’ll be writing more singles and doing more videos. So, you’re definitely going to have newer Deuce tracks and new music.

Does that mean you’re already working on a new album?

Well, ‘Nine Lives’ just came out a few months ago, so if we do something, it’s going to come out as a single or an EP, or something like that. But, fans will definitely hear something new soon.

Photos of Deuce & His Band From the Uproar Festival's Detroit Stop