As the frontman and co-founder of rap-rock group Hollywood Undead, Deuce mastered the art of creating a catchy, anthemic song, complete with rebellious lyrics and hooks so catchy, they’re stuck in the listener’s head for days.

Now, after parting ways with Hollywood Undead, Deuce is going out on his own, and the singer, songwriter and producer has unchained his debut solo album, 'Nine Lives.'

‘Nine Lives’ launches off with 'Let’s Get it Crackin',' an in-your-face, attitude-packed track with a thick drum beat and edgy guitars. Deuce goes in detail about his party-happy lifestyle in this track, and the song brings a brash, brazen mix of hip-hop, rock and swagger that’s purpose-made for the club.

‘America,’ the album’s first single, is climbing up the active rock charts, and it’s easy to hear why: The song’s message is one of empowerment and fighting against the odds. It’s also a political song, making a statement that, “America has lost its way.” Deuce chants, “They wanna see blood /  They wanna see hate / Like needle in your vain / Sickness with no name / In a world that’s insane / Was America to blame?” The track's lyrics get one thinking and reflecting. Music-wise, ‘America’ is loud, strongly influenced by hard rock and tremendously energetic, much like the rest of ‘Nine Lives.’

Plenty of the tracks on ‘Nine Lives’ feature guest rappers and artists, such as Jeffree Star, Skee-Lo and the Truth, to name some. With an array of contributors and his unique songwriting style, Deuce shows a wide range of influences and sounds on the album, from Southern rap to mainstream rock with massive, glossy riffs and hooks. In essence, ‘Nine Lives’ is a wild, free-flowing party record for the masses.