Can we still call him Hevy Devy?

Devin Townsend has been involved in heavy music since he made his debut in 1993 as the lead singer on Steve Vai's Sex and Religion album. He's mad a lot of noise since, namely with the hyper-aggressive Strapping Young Lad and the recently put on ice Devin Townsend Project, under which he explored a variety of sounds ranging from calm and reflective to crushing and stormy. These days, though, Townsend has admitted he doesn't listen to much metal.

"In terms of my relationship to metal, I'm still a fan. I'm just old now, and it's like my desire to fill my world with sound very rarely involves metal," Devy told RSP TV (video below, transcription via Bravewords). "You have to be honest with yourself in that sense, too. There's a fair amount of people that do what I do and maybe claim that they're just as interested in the things that they were interested in when they were young and I just don't know many people that have managed to sustain the interest for really aggressive things for as long as I've been doing this," he added.

Townsend does make it clear that it isn't that he dislikes metal, but  "It's just that the times in which I want to hear it and I want to play it are much less than it used to be." He added that his "life is so fucking loud," singling out tour buses, making music, having kids, etc. that when he has some alone time he doesn't "want to hear anything."

In January, Devy revealed that the Devin Townsend Project was on hiatus to allow him to focus on other projects he's been working on, which includes four albums. Presumably, one of them is the symphony about penises, vaginas and death that he was attempting to secure $10 million to make. Metal or no metal, we're still keeping our eyes and ears on what's to come next.

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