On a lovely New York City evening, we hiked up to the roof of the legendary Irving Plaza to have a discussion with the eclectic and somewhat undefinable musician known as Devin Townsend. We sat down with the always entertaining frontman to talk about a mass of topics shortly before his set on the 'Epic Kings & Idols' tour, featuring Katatonia and Paradise Lost.

We spoke with Townsend about the continuously evolving and seemingly out-of-nowhere progression of his career, the writing process behind his latest album, 'Epicloud,' working with members of Between the Buried and Me, Gojira and the Dillinger Escape Plan, among others for 'Deconstruction,' and, of course, what provoked Townsend to chop of his legendary "skullet" hairstyle.

Check out our exclusive video interview with Devin Townsend.

Devin Townsend Talks to Loudwire

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