For fanatics of punk rock, the name Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein will definitely ring a bell. The former Misfits guitarist has contributed to some of the band's greatest works, but now the musician has started his own project and we've got the exclusive lyric video premiere for Doyle's new track 'Valley of Shadows.'

Doyle graced the Revolver Golden Gods stage this year to perform 'Death Comes Ripping,' 'Skulls' and 'Last Caress' with original Misfits vocalist Glenn Danzig. Doyle's eponymous new project released its debut album, 'Abominator,' digitally on July 30 and it's now available as a hard copy.

"To introduce our new album 'Abominator,' we are releasing the official lyric video for the first single 'Valley Of Shadows,' says Doyle vocalist Alex Story. "A dark journey through a world of lust and violence. Showcasing the evolution of sound Doyle has achieved from his already legendary development with the Misfits, this song rages with the primal fury and carnality found throughout the bands debut album. This is a call to arms to true fiends everywhere. The trip through the valley is a brutal thrill filled ride to hell that you won't soon forget. Where hardcore punk meets oldschool thrash and a new breed of doom metal, 'Valley Of Shadows' is just a glimpse into what is to come from 'Abominator.'"

Check out Doyle's new lyric video for 'Valley of Shadows' in the player above. To purchase a copy of Doyle's 'Abominator,' head over to iTunes or Doyle's official website.

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