It was another good week for heavy music, with pioneers of two different metal genres landing in the top 10 of the Billboard 200. Dream Theater's self-titled album cracks the chart at No. 7, while Metallica's 'Through the Never' soundtrack debuts at No. 9. Additionally, 'Dream Theater' grabbed the No. 1 spot on the Hard Rock Albums chart.

'Dream Theater' is the third consecutive album from the prog metal legends to debut in the top 10. It also did extremely well around the world, charting in the Top 5 in Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada, Argentina, Switzerland, Holland, and Finland. It also had Top 10 debuts in Denmark, Austria and Norway.

Metallica are no strangers to the Billboard 200, with five of their studio albums going all the way to No. 1. 'Through the Never' is the soundtrack to their concert movie, and considering it's a live album with no new songs, the chart showing shows Metallica's drawing power. It also helps ease the chart sting of 2011's  'Lulu,' which could only manage a No. 36 debut.

Now that the movie is out, Metallica can focus on their next studio album. “Obviously for next year, our priority has to be making a new record,”  bassist Rob Trujillo tells Classic Rock Magazine.

“We’ve been detoured from that through the course of the year" Trujillo said. "We had about six weeks or so where we were really focusing on a new album and writing and then, you know, somehow we ended up hitting the road. And then at the same time we’ve got to promote this film ... In 2014, it’ll be all about getting new music — without any interruptions, hopefully.”